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Boxmaster Pro is the ultimate boxing training station bridging the gap between old-fashioned punch bags and a trainer holding focus mitts. A commercial grade piece of equipment, Boxmaster Pro can be used in both Boxing, MMA, and Fitness Studios.

  • Boxmaster has drawn a cult following from some of the biggest names in Boxing and UFC, as well as top athletes and actors including Connor McGreggor, Chris Eubank Jr, Robert DeNiro, Hugh Jackman, and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

W: 33 IN (84 CM)
L: 30 IN (76 CM)
H: 82 IN (208 CM)

StairMaster BOXMASTER® PRO TOWER Model 9BM-K9601

  • -12 perfectly positioned striking pads accommodate a variety of specific punches and fight combinations and proprietary spring arm design provides optimal strike absorption for maximum efficiency and injury prevention.Boxmaster Pro also features softer pads providing more comfort by taking the shock out of the fists, wrists, elbows, and shoulders when landing those big shots. Tighter angles for an even more realistic flow and feel when throwing fast combinations and switching angles.

    -4 towers for an effective small group exercise environment.

    -Proprietary spring arm design provides optimal strike absorption for maximum efficiency and injury prevention.

    -Adjustable tower and pads make BoxMaster a perfect fit for heights 5’0″ to 6’10” (152.4 cm to 208 cm)

    -Total body conditioning based on a 7 round system / 30 minute session.

    -Ideal for small group revenue generating programs.

    -Provides a comprehensive target pad training protocol allowing one trainer to work effectively with multiple clients.

    -Optional base and optional kick pad available (sold separately).

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