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The sturdy and versatile Nautilus Half Rack is built to accommodate a wide range of exercises, movements and users from beginner to professional athlete. The open-front design lets users move freely and allows for the use of a variety of benches. The optional SVA Platform and band pegs make it perfect for athletic training and Olympic style lifting, while the shorter 97” tower means it can fit into facilities with lower ceilings. The compact design and built-in plate storage make our Half Rack ideal for schools and personal training facilities as well as larger facilities.

W: 95 IN (241.3 CM)
L: 140 IN (356 CM)
H: 97 IN (246 CM)
Stack Weight: N/A
Overall Weight: 1455 LBS (660 KG)
Foot Platform: Lifting Area – 76.1 IN x 95 IN x 4 IN (193.3 CM x 241.3 CM x 10.2 CM)



    • Optional Bamboo SVA Platform was designed with absorption characteristics to cut down on sound, vibration and bar bounce
    • Textured, black shock absorbing top mat rubber with, designated drop zone areas
    • SVA platform utilizes a pad rotation schedule for longer life  – pads 1 through 6 can be rotated every 6 months as outlined on product and in owner’s manual
    • Platform protects floors and allows for correct performance characteristics while lifting
    • Integrated multi-grip pull up station
    • Deep J-Hook style bar catch keeps bars from bouncing out while protective inserts prevent damage
    • Optional Bumper Plate Floor Storage (9-HDCS1) 11 in x 28 in x 9 in (28 cm x 71 cm x 23 cm) / unit weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
    • Optional Band Peg & Storage (95-0760) kits available to adding variable resistance
    • Pull Up Bridge (9-HDPB1) available for connecting multiple racks together
    • Optional Vertical Olympic Bar Storage (731-9299-KT) kits are available to protect walls during bar storage.

    Sustainability: Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop that requires no fertilizer, pesticides or chemicals. Its natural cultivation does not harm the environment. Bamboo is extremely strong while remaining a lightweight building material

  • The Nautilus SVA platform was developed as a way to reduce sound and vibration caused from users dropping barbells while performing Olympic and power lifting. It uses a proprietary blend of materials designed to absorb the force of the barbell. These absorption characteristics not only cut down on sound and vibration, they also reduce bar bounce.

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