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Increase the flexibility of your rack by adding an extra set of bar catches to your F730 Power Rack. The steel reinforced Rubber catches reduce noise and help protect the knurling of your bar. The spring loaded steel pop-pins with blue anodized aluminum knobs lock in every time allowing for safety and quick adjustments between exercises.


NOTE: The F730 includes 1 set and the RFT Pro includes 2 sets standard.

BodyCraft F733 Extra Bar Catch Set for the F730 Power Rack

    • For the F730. (Not compatible with the F430 and older RFT F438 model)
    • Add a additional set of bar catches. (Note: F730 includes 1 set, RFT Pro includes 2 sets)
    • Steel Pop-Pins with Blue anodized Aluminum Handle
    • Steel Reinforced High Density Polyurethane Covered Bar Catches protect the knurling of your bar
    • Electrostatic Powder Coat Paint for a long lasting finish
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