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The Batca Fusion 3 Personal Gym sets the new standard for dynamic strength training. The Batca Fusion 3 provides more exercises, more functionality, and less space. Exercise the perfect blend of machined defined, user defined, and dumbbel exercises.

Batca Fusion 3 Personal Gym

    • Exceptionally Stable Tripod Frame Design - with a compact footprint
    • User-Defined Free Cable Exercises - via independent, rotating functional arms with single touch adjustment and counter-balanced swiveling pulleys
    • Dual Swilveling High Pulleys - for iso-lateral lat pull-downs, trcep extensions, straight & side ab-crunches
    • Advanced Smart Lock Cable System - provides direct cabling to all exercise stations while minimizing cable play and stretch
    • Iso-Lateral Multi-Press - and mid row arm allows chest/incline/decline press and chest supported mid rown
    • Leg Extension & Seated Leg Curl - features 8 starting point adjustments and patented flip support that allows full muscle contraction
    • Easy Entry, Obstacle-Free Seat - designed with height adjustment that provides optimal seat position for all exercises.
    • Optional Leg Press / Calf Raise (additional $1,000)
    • Dimensions - 4' x 5'11"
    • Dimensions with Leg Press - 5'5" x 5'11"
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