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Finding the Right Gym Equipment for Your Home: Tips for Beginners

Purchasing fitness equipment to fit the right body type, health needs, available home space and budget can be stressful.

If you are new to the gym world and with exercise equipment in general, California Gym Repair is here to help curb the learning curve and get you on the right path toward choosing the right fitness machine for your home.

It is easy for those inexperienced with using or purchasing gym equipment to feel confused or frustrated by the variety of brands and styles of equipment. What is the right machine to buy for my body type or fitness needs? How do I know if I’m getting the best deal?

Here are some tips to consider before purchasing your new gym equipment.

Don’t forget to research and test the machines before buying. Are you looking to build strength, or are you primarily interested cardio? Possibly both. Either way, it’s better to be certain that you’re getting the correct machine(s) before spending the money to have them shipped and installed. We welcome you to visit the showrooms and websites of local retailers, explore and familiarize yourself with the many brands and types of exercise equipment.

For those in Southern California, check out Coast Fitness’s showrooms, located in Orange or Riverside, CA and speak with their knowledgeable and friendly trained sales professionals. The sales team is there to help situate you with the right machine that not only fits your body type, but your budget. Perhaps a recumbent bike is more suitable than an upright? You will get the opportunity to test different types of fitness machines, so listen to your body and be aware of your short and long term fitness goals. Don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up to more advanced machines.

It might also be beneficial to use a program called a room planner. Coast Fitness’s website connects clients to the Tuff Stuff Room Planner, enabling them to develop and save customized floor plans. It’s easy, start by opening the program, then follow the instructions, clicking and dragging furniture and gym equipment icons into a room layout which can then be printed and utilized for purchasing fitness equipment.

This leads us into our next tip: know the space with which you will be installing your new equipment. Perhaps you don’t have enough room for a large machine when a smaller equipment will be equally effective. Either way, develop a plan to use what space you have most effectively. For example, larger machines will be positioned in the areas with the most space, while some smaller machines may be customized to fit tight spots. California Gym Repair’s expert technicians and sales team will take your available room into consideration when recommending a new machine.

Finally, before purchasing the new gym equipment for your home, consider your financing and leasing options as well as deals on regular machine maintenance and parts warranties. Should you lease a machine, ensuring that you will always have the most updated equipment, or purchase the machine outright and try to sell it later or scrap for parts?

These are important questions to consider when speaking with the staff at California Gym Repair. We specialize in the service and repair of all brands of exercise equipment and provide maintenance contracts which help our save customers money by reducing costly repairs and ensuring that their machine will run smoothly throughout its lifespan.

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